How to Wear the Color Pink

May 04 2023 – Staff

How to Wear the Color Pink
How to Wear the Color Pink

Pink is all the rage right now. The highly anticipated new 'Barbie' movie is headed for its theatrical release this summer and #barbiecore is an actual thing. We sent Sydney, a member of the STARKx team, to scope out the World of Barbie Tour event in Santa Monica wearing the Le' Vi Dress in Bright Pink. 

Pink is a fun and flattering color. Pink works especially well for daytime summer events and island vacations. If you haven't already, check out our other blog posts on Summer Wedding Guest Styles and Saint Barth Style Tips, where pink shows up as a go-to color.

If head-to-toe hot pink isn't for you, fear not! There are non-Barbie ways to wear pink. We're here to share a few simple tips on wearing pink, including much more subtle approaches to ease this playful color into your wardrobe.

STARKx Le' Vi Dress in Bright Pink at World of Barbie Tour Event

  • Tip #1: Calm down the pink in your ensemble by pairing with neutrals, which creates a more mature, less girly look. Pink coordinates well with white, black, beige/tan/ecru and navy. Blending pink with neutrals can create balance for the overall outfit, making the pink part of the equation less overwhelming.


  • Tip #2: Some stylists advise clients to pick their hue/shade/tint/tone of pink based upon skin tone, hair color and eye color. Read more about this, along with additional styling suggestions for pink, on Her Style Code. If you don't want to delve into all that, we have an easy workaround– wear pink as a bottom, such as a pink skirt, shorts, pants or even shoes. Wearing pink as a bottom creates distance from the facial complexion, which means hair color, eye color and skin tone become irrelevant to the hue/shade/tint/tone selected.


  • Tip #3: Pick the pink that speaks to you. Whether you choose hotter pinks like fuschia and bright pink or softer tints like geranium and baby pink, this hue can work for anyone, regardless of age or personal style. Geranium is a great default, as it's easy-to-wear and universally flattering! The Sexy Cami, Fufu Dress and V-Neck Puff Sleeve Top are featured below in geranium.

STARKx All Styles in Pink

STARKx is a premium fashion brand specializing in beachside elegant apparel for women.

Each piece is made locally (in Los Angeles) with exquisite care, using quality, ultra-soft fabrics and rich garment dye processes. Cleverly designed details combine to create forgiving and flattering silhouettes for effortless, sophisticated style.

Designed by Perry Stark

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    Love this post! Pink is so in right now

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